Saturday, July 21, 2012

What’s on your mind

Since the early 1900s people have been fascinated by the thought of  Extrasensory Perception (ESP).  Basically, this is the concept that a person can have a sixth sense, can read another person's mind.  As far as I can tell, there is still no scientific proof that this really exists.
However, I do know that women believe wholeheartedly that men DO have this ability.

The short story I wrote a number of years ago, that this blog page is titled after, included a scene in which the main character tries to relay to a female coworker that men can't read women's minds.  This was actually based on an actual incident that I experienced when I worked in an office in which I was the only male--also like in the story (which really is fiction).

The woman had wanted to watch some TV show the previous night, but instead just watched whatever her husband wanted. The main character asked if she asked if she could watch her show and she said it wasn't worth it because he wouldn't let her. Basically, she was implying that he knew what she wanted, but wouldn't relent. The main guy says there's no way he could know unless she speaks up.

You see, men DO NOT have ESP.

About a year ago, I remember reading an article in the student newspaper of The University of Texas, "The Daily Texan," in which a female told about attempting to get the attention of a guy she wanted to know.  She and a friend arranged to play some beach volleyball next to a soccer field he played at. The plan included pretending to look for a missing earring at a time he was on the sideline. The woman lamented that her only success was in attracting a different, and older, man.  She had been sure that this scheme would work because the guy would know she was interested.

But you see, men DO NOT have ESP.

I've also encountered a number of women who wanted to meet some man they were absolutely sure would be their future mate, but these women would never introduce themselves. No, their "plan" included things like standing next to him at a store, or touching their hair while standing near him at the bus stop, or by letting him catch them taking a quick glance at him in the library.  For some reason, none of these schemes worked and the guy went on with his life without them.

Why? Because men DO NOT have ESP.

So why is it that women so often complain that their men don't communicate with them, but don't really communicate themselves?

I don't know, because you see, I DO NOT have ESP.