Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Impressed!

Face it, we men always stare at the female who walks into the bar with the painted on latex pants and sheer blouse. It's ingrained in our nature, harkening back to our caveman days when we fought for that cave woman who looked like she could bear us the most sons. Oh females will say it's due to our superficial nature, but as I noted in a previous blog, females are just as guilty of being superficial.

No it's really because we're sex-crazed animals and an attractive female brings it out in us. How she dresses really doesn't matter. Why, I remember Helen Hunt in Twister turning guys heads in just blue jeans and a tight white T-shirt.
However, how a woman dresses does matter to females. That's right, women don't dress to impress men, they dress to impress other women. In fact, I'd venture to say that every time a female decides to go out in public, she may SAY she's dressing to get that guy, but she is really trying to say to other women, "hey, look at me, I'm dressed to kill and all the guys can't keep away. They not only want to impress the other females in the place, they want to outshine them.
For example, if a female walks into a bar wearing tight jeans and just a sports bra, all the guys would be fighting to be the one to buy her a drink. On the other hand, all the females would be thinking (or saying out loud if with a group of females) "what a slob!"

If on the other hand a female walked into a bar in spandex pants and an expensive (but revealing) blouse, the guys would be fighting to be the one to buy her a drink, while the females would all be thinking "what a tramp," or "what a slut," or "what a show off." In other words, the females would be on the defensive and say things out of jealousy. Oh, they aren't jealous of all the attention she was getting from men. They would be jealous of her look.

You can see this in the difference between men and women's magazines too. In men's mags there will be lots of pictures of scantily clad females and few pictures of men. In women's mags there will be lots of pictures of beautifully dressed women—and a few pictures of men.

You'll also see this behavior at the gym. Men are trying to impress females, while women are also trying to impress females. You'll see men pumping iron in any gym, but notice how much more intense the lifting becomes once a cute female enters.

However, if a female is lifting in the gym and a guy walks in, she doesn't have any change in behavior. If a female walks in though, the other females not only begin to work out harder to impress the new rival, they will also instantly begin to analyze what the new person is wearing and rate her on that—not on her workout.

Of course, this also plays out the same in the work place. The men in the office dress to impress the females. Likewise, the females dress to impress the other females. They'll wear the best clean clothes they have as long as there are other females in the office.  What the men think of their dressing habits doesn't concern them because they know that all they have to do to get a guy's attention is to swing by his desk and touch him on the shoulder.
To impress the other females though, they know they have to have better clothes. If they get to the office and think that they have lost the competition, they will even invent reasons why they are not dressed better. You know, something like, “oh,my boyfriend spilled coffee on the blouse I was going to wear” or some other explanation. Typically it involves a male causing the problem, which not only helps her explain why she lost the competition, but also gives her points for having a mate while the other may not.

So let’s face it, we guys are easy. A woman walks by wearing tattered jeans and cut-away T-shirt and we’ll go nuts because we think she’s almost naked.  A woman seeing the same scene would just think the other is a street person.

In a way, this competition is a win/win deal for us men. So women, keep trying to impress yourselves. 
 They are both impressive 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Flying High

No, this blog isn't about Colorado's new marijuana law.  Although that would be a good one (although probably overdone). I'm just admitting that I'm behind in posting to this blog. I have a good reason though, I've been working on the release of my second eBook: Wings of Honor.
So, yes, instead of a blog about relationships or more on the front of The War Between Men and Women, I'm stooping to shameless self-promotion.

Do you like slasher flix? You know, the kind where there's a faceless, invincible killer out there hunting down young, semi-naked teenage girls and slicing them to little pieces of hamburger? Um, well, my book isn't about that. Sorry.
Slumber Party Massacre II

No, here's the description for Wings of Honor:
"A ruthless, crazed serial killer terrorizes North Carolina. He’s not killing teenagers with a grotesque butcher knife, but instead shooting down unarmed, helpless small planes over the blue Carolina skies while flying a replica of the "Red Baron's" triplane. If you want a fast-paced action/adventure novel about a battle between two men for the sake of honor, buy Wings of Honor and buckle up your seat belt for an action-packed flight."

When I first began writing the book, I have to admit it was at a time when slasher movies were all the rage. So I decided to use that to an advantage and make my mystery killer an unknown, unseen person who for some reason, is shooting down innocent, semi-nude teenagers who were flying planes. Okay, the pilots don't look like that, but I had to say that as that seems to be one of the reasons people go to those movies. To see semi-nude teenage girls in hopeless situations.
Oops, sorry. There I go again stooping to cheap methods to keep everyone interested and maybe enticed enough to buy a copy of Wings of Honor. You know, sex sells, etc.

There is a lot of sex in Wings of Honor. One of the main characters seems to be an over-sexed maniac who not only cheats on his wife, but cheats on his mistress. I used this character as a means to maybe start a discussion about what we view of as honor. He's the counter-point to another main character who is a straight-as-an-arrow type who loves his wife and would never think of cheating. So there are a number of interesting themes flying around in this book.

There's also a lot of conflict in Wings of Honor. There's the conflict between seat-of-the-pants pilots vs. by-the-book types. Conflict between the NTSB and FAA and FBI. And of course, the main confict of the battle between the killer and those tracking him down.
Because I didn't want to scare away non-pilots, I included a glossary with the book. It's in the back of the book and is called "The Pilot's Lounge."  Clever, eh?  So if you didn't know that runway numbers are based on magnetic heading, well, you should buy a copy of Wings of Honor so you can learn about important aviation terms like that.
So if you are looking for an action packed book with lots of twists, turns and high-flying antics, buy a copy of Wings of Honor
Sorry, sorry. Had to include one more sexy image. My publicist insisted.