Friday, January 2, 2015

Cover Up!

Yet another Thurber Brigade Side-Step

Right before the release of SEX and the AMERICAN MALE, I did a lot of promotion activities to get people interested in the book. This included Twitter tweets (w/pix) such as:

 Coming soon to eBook stores: SEX! (well, SEX and the AMERICAN MALE) A funny, satirical book, sadly, w/o SEX
And also FaceBook posts like this:

Very soon, you'll be able to buy SEX online! That's right, my next book is called: SEX and the AMERICAN MALE. So soon you'll be able to tell your friends that you got SEX for less than 2 bucks! ($1.99).

Almost immediately I began to face online assaults by a few radical feminists who had been stalking me online. I think they had become inflamed after my blog about women drivers.  They sent me tweets like this:

Apparently they thought I was promoting sex to the students I advise. I mean real sex, not my book SAM (my abbrev. for the book).  They hadn’t bothered to read any of my posts which clearly stated what I was pitching, nor read some of the details of the upcoming release.

I also discovered that they had also impugned one of my previous eBooks TAX BREAK because it has a racy cover.
I assume (I have done my best not to contact them to verify) that they didn’t like the image of a semi-nude female on the cover. Even though you don’t see the naughty bits (clever Monty Python reference) it must have inflamed their feminist angst that tells them any time a man uses an image of a female it is sexist.

Now, I’ve already blogged about how many people don’t seem to understand the difference between Sexism and Sexuality. So I won’t rehash that, but I will point out that some of the steamiest book covers come from the fertile minds of women.  Do radical feminists get upset with pictures of a semi-nude Fabio? I doubt it.
So anyway, to hammer the point home, here are a few book covers by women. I promote them on Twitter, so encourage you to check them out and buy them, but I think you’ll get my point. Yes, some include pictures of women as well as men in provocative poses. 

So SEX and the AMERICAN MALE seems rather tame to me. You should pick up a copy though, for although it might not have any hot, steamy sex scenes, it is pretty funny.
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