Thursday, October 25, 2012

That is Super(ficial)!

A number of years ago while walking with my then girlfriend (Ex), I made the male mistake of looking a little too long at a female who ran by us. I admit I'm a leg man. I'm a jogger after all.  So my action resulted in a long lecture of how superficial I was for being attracted to a beautiful woman. Oh, of course I also learned I was a lech.

So my guess is that every man has received that lecture.  It's because we really are superficial.  I have no doubt about it, therefore I don't mind letting the cat out of the bag. Also, because men do not have ESP I figured it is only fair to be open about this.

It is our nature.  I believe it is linked to caveman days when the alpha male always wanted and fought for the primo female. 
Men also get to experience this lecture when we make a casual comment about a woman's weight. For example if you see a picture of Jessica Simpson and say she doesn't look like she'll fit in those Daisy Duke shorts anymore.   
(Not Jessica, but I had to include this for the guys)

You will be hopelessly chastised, even though she made her fame on her previous looks and would be nowhere near as famous today without them.

However with this admission of guilt I also point my finger at the female population and exclaim that they are just as guilty of being superficial—if not more. 

I remember years ago a game targeted at young girls called “Mystery Date.”  The object of the game was to get to the right spot and win a date with a dream boy. This game entailed that when the player landed on the right space she would get the chance to open a door to see who her date would be. There were a wide variety of possibilities. When you looked closer though it turned out to be the same guy. In each picture he just wore different clothes. So in the “loser” window he would have on old clothes and be barefoot (a hillbilly), but in the window for the good date the man would have on a tux.

However, this isn't a case of looks (which men utilize), this is a case about income.  That's right, women judge men based on how much money they have in the bank. So in the "Mystery Date" it's not because the guy looks like a dork, he's not desirable because he looks poor

Tsk, soooo superficial.

Again I see this as a matter of nature. When that cave woman looked for a mate, she went with the one who could support her the best. The alpha male most likely to bring home the most mastodon bacon.
You can see this female superficiality easily enough in the way they converse with each other. For example, when one female learns her bf has just met a new guy, what is her first question?

“So what does he do?”  She wants to know how much he makes. What is his position in society.
On the other hand, us superficial guys always ask, “so what does she look like?”

More proof of this female superficiality is the unbelievable number of ugly guys with beautiful women.

So next time your girlfriend chastises you for staring at some super model who walks by, chastise her for staring at the bulge in some other guy's pants. 

The bulge made by his wallet.
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