Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sexism vs. Sexuality

Okay, okay, I admit that I cheated on the last blog. I had only a sketchy idea on what to talk about, so decided to stall by writing a blog advertising SEX and the AMERICAN MALE (still just $2; oops, sorry) by not so cleverly talking all about SEX. Well, the current presidential election caught my attention because it basically alludes to something I've mentioned before. Too many people don't know the difference between sexism and sexuality.
Of course, there's the easy route. You could be like the Angry Feminists who hate this blog and state that anything that they don't like that is uttered by a male is proof that the guy is a sexist pig. I get this thrown at me a lot, for example after I pointed out how women are afraid to make first contact or the time I talked about things that women seem to get away with but men can't. It doesn't matter that women admit they won't ever make the first move nor that men dare not enter a biker bar in shorts. I must therefore be a sexist pig.


However, Merriam-Webster defines sexism as prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially :  discrimination against women.

Based on that definition, my blogs don't make me a sexist pig because I'm not discriminating against women, I'm just saying something unflattering that many don't like. Is it discrimination? Is it prejudice? No, it's just snarky comments that females don't appreciate.
On the other hand, Donald Trump is a sexist pig because he believes women are just eye candy. It's to the point where he makes appearance a battle between good vs. evil. If a woman is hot, she's useful to him, if plain well, she's useless.
Now, I could repeat some of Trump's quotes (Trumpisms?) to make the point, but I figure since the news media reports on him every single day as the top news story there isn't much need. Don't believe me? Well, did you hear about the suicide bomber in Russia that happened about a week ago? The near civil war going on in Azerbaijan? That rebels shot down two jets in Syria? Of course not! You had to get your daily quota of Trumpisms by the daily news.
Another definition by M-W says it's behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Again, this doesn't include me (unless you're an Angry Fem who wants to stretch and distort my words) because I'm not fostering stereotypes, I'm commenting on female actions.

Of course, the main-stream press also comments relentlessly on The Donald, so you may have missed news about how the policeman who killed an unarmed man is getting probation—but no jail time. If a civilian did the same, he'd be getting the chair.  But you didn't hear about this abuse of justice because the news people wanted you to know about Ted Cruz' wife.
So if I were to say women couldn't be lawyers because they don't make first contact, then you could call me sexist. However, I didn't do that. I instead inferred that they were cowards. So you could call me rude, but not sexist.
You might also call Republicans sexist because they always pass laws to restrict health choices of women, but never of men. You most likely don't know about this though, especially that it almost always is done by older white men without a single woman's input. You didn't hear about this due to all the coverage of Hillary's refusal to release a transcript of a speech which the Main Stream Media (MSM) deemed more exciting.
Many other Angry Feminists declare I'm objectifying women by constantly posting pictures of scantily-clad females. As I've also stated in a previous blog, this is more of a sex fiend trend than a sexist pig one. Does a guy who looks at a woman and dreams of wild, kinky sex with her imply that she is incapable of fulfilling any other role in society? Okay, it is possible that some men view women that way, but unlikely that it's a majority. Most men work alongside women they believe are competent and capable people, who just so happen also would be fun to have a carnal escaped with.
Now Donald Trump marrying one hot model after another might be considered objectifying women. Of course, you may not have noticed this behavior because the MSM has been spending it's time talking about how right-wing evangelicals have fallen in lock-step behind Trump because they believe that although he doesn't show signs of Christian-like behavior, he has to be better than that pagan, Satan-worshipping Hillary.
The only conclusion you can draw from all this is that those Angry Feminists, who may tar and feather me next week, don't know the difference between sexism and sexuality. They are so outraged by pictures of semi-nude women that they will likely pass out in the voting booth and accidentally put a check by Donald's name because they were so pissed off that I appreciate beauty and enjoy sex. Of course, the MSM wouldn't report on this turn of events because they just heard that Trump might be going to a debate. Or maybe not. They'll be there just in case. And of course while they are there patiently waiting for The Donald, they won't be mentioning how Republicans in congress overwhelmingly voted to NOT give aid to children in Flint, Michigan who have been poisoned by water deemed safe by the GOP governor.
So as you can see by all of this discussion, this blog is not sexist but blatantly sexual. I hope you will check back for the next blog when we—NEWS FLASH: we interrupt this blog to report that Donald Trump's plane just landed in New York! We repeat, Donald has landed—we're sure it will really get those Angry Fems in a bloody rage!

(The Thurber Brigade just learned that those Angry Feminists hacked into our computers! They read our pre-edited version and have publicly declared their anger that not only do we relentlessly point our finger at them in disdain, but also how they believe this blog is really another notorious political sidestep into how the MSM is failing in their job of reporting news and instead pandering to ratings by reporting about sensational nothingness. Ummm, well, maybe.)

This cartoon has absolutely nothing to do with the above blog. We at The Brigade just like James Thurber and decided that with all the pictures of Trump we needed to add something that might soothe the soul a bit. Ahhh, James Thurber.