Thursday, September 13, 2012

I see England, I see France...

There's no doubt that we men like to look at women's underwear. Especially when they're wearing it. As you may remember from my last blog this isn't the case with females. To paraphrase it using an example, if a female bends over exposing her crack and panties, well we guys might walk into a lamp post so distracted by the view. 
 On the other hand, if a guy were to do the same thing the female response would be to scrunch up the nose and let out a biting "ewwwwwww." 
 Well, Unless the guy was Justin Timberlake.

It's a vision thing.

However, I don't want to go into that again. Instead I want to bring up another big difference between men and women as it relates to undies.

If I were to wander into the underwear section in the ladies department of the local Target, not only would I be followed by security, but I'd probably wind up on YouTube as the most recent pervert caught on camera. Just imagine the reaction if I picked up a pair of lace panties and held them up at eye level, twirled around to view them in a different light and then held them out straight in front of me as if holding them up to an imaginary friend.  My guess is that I'd be tackled by some overweight store cop and hauled down to central booking.

Of course, if you replace me with a middle-aged female and put her in the men's department, you'd get a collective yawn from everyone in the vicinity. In fact the very actions I described above are so common by females that I'll bet you have the image burned in your memory as a common occurrence to ignore as you wander the aisles. 
 But why?  Why is a guy in the female section an alarming situation while a female in the male section a yawner?

It is obviously sexism. Oh, I'm sure you are saying to yourself that the guy in that situation was just a perv while the female was undoubtedly a wife shopping for her man. But isn't that the very definition of sexism? That one sex can only be viewed in one light (ie a woman can only be a secretary)?

For all you know the guy was the one buying for his mate while the female was planning on keeping her purchase handily stashed under her pillow.  But you can't picture that, at least, not unless you are given that explanation.
 So to prove you aren't a sexist pig, the next time you are in Target and you see a woman fondling some men's briefs, promise me you'll give her a disgusted scowl and mumble (rather loudly) under your breath, lousy pervert!

 From all men who like to look at women's underwear: Thank you Victoria's Secret!