Tuesday, November 11, 2014

SEX! This blog is all about SEX!

The Thurber Brigade takes another side step

Okay, this blog isn’t really about SEX. I’m sorry if I have evilly lured you in by using SEX in bold nearly ever sentence and in the title.  Why, it’s almost as if I’m using the word SEX to try to get people to do something like read my blog. Yeah, that’s evil.  I’m really writing about:
That’s right, I have a new eBook coming out shortly titled SEX and the AMERICAN MALE. It’s a humorous, satirical book about American culture and the running joke is that the author (me) keeps mentioning SEX all the time to make a point.

Here’s a snippet of the book’s description:

SEX and the AMERICAN MALE is a satirical jab at how advertising, politics, greed and more overwhelm the public and shape our society. This humorous book parodies everything from advertisements that use sex to sell massive gas-guzzling cars to mindless political parties and juiced-up science fiction conventions.

In other words, SEX sells.  Advertisers know that we humans, especially us male humans, are driven crazy by SEX.  Just seeing the word SEX makes us start to fantasize about all sorts of things and so they’ll use it to link to their product. So you may now be thinking about SEX, but also in your subconscious is that fancy new auto or beer. That’s why they don’t use Martha your 6th grade teacher as a model in their ads, they use Bridget, the wafer-thin sex-pot model in a bikini.

Even though the woman actually sitting next to you in the car will invariably look more like Martha, the ad will still use Bridget to lure you in and seal the deal.

However, I don’t just make fun of advertising in SEX and the AMERICAN MALE. I also skewer greedy corporations, all the political parties and politics, mass consumerism, American greed, and of course, everyone’s short attention span.

HEY! SEX! No jumping over to that other person’s blog. Sheesh. I’m almost done you can hang around a little longer.
Anyway, I even wrap up the thing with “Clif Notes” (yes, I purposely misspelled that) to make fun of those of us who would look for a shortcut to reading the book we’re assigned in English class. In other words, I sort of spill the beans about what the book is about in my “Clif Notes.”

Two other great parts about the book:

1) I start the thing with an Ode to Douglas Adams. I began this book as a tribute to him, a sort of “Hitchhikers guide to American Culture.” With luck, the ode even sounds like his style of writing.

2) One of the main characters, and probably the most honest, is a group of microbes who make the main character go crazy. I even gave them their own chapter.  You’ll love them too after you read about them break dancing around, drinking Pepsis and singing in high pitched voices. Ahhh.

So be on the lookout for SEX and the AMERICAN MALE. It’ll be on sale shortly at all those fine eBook seller websites and will cost you less than $2!
Plus, once you buy a copy, you’ll be able to tell your friends things like:

“Yes, I enjoyed SEX last night.”

Or allude you’ve joined the “Mile High” club:

“Man, did I enjoy SEX on my last flight to LA.”

So get you some real soon.
I had to include a least one picture like this because, well, I always do. Plus, you are not going to find any in SEX and the American Male. You should buy it anyway.

(some images courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/)