Monday, June 23, 2014

Games without frontiers, war without tears

Before I go any further, let me say this: I apologize.

I have been blogging for about two years now about The War Between Men and Women, well, the differences between them, and relationships, but it wasn't until I blogged about women drivers that I created a firestorm.

Apparently I offended some women so much that they went through my entire blog list with a fine-toothed comb and discovered I am a Misogynist. It's quite a buzz in some circles (although oddly, no comments were written about the blog, even though all of my blogs 
 have a comment spot) and I wouldn't be surprised if my photo is on several females’ dartboards. 

That's right, this blatant liberal (according to my neocon brother) who often posts pro women rights messages on his Facebook page and has attended countless pro choice rallies, is now best buddies with he likes of Rush Limbaugh. Darn.

So I'm sorry I offended someone. Even though this blog is listed as humor on most blog sites, apparently by saying I don't think women are very good drivers it has cast me as a card-carrying women-hater.

So let's talk about that.

People have always said that in this new digital age sarcasm doesn't come through in emails, and so emoticons were invented to help people understand when you were being less than real ;-)

Writers for all time have had to deal with this and pretty much have just had to let the chips lie after publishing their work. This is why we've had many book burnings through history (luckily no writer burnings). This is also why a lot of writers often died penniless and ostracized.

I think most writers have just accepted this because we tend to internalize a lot and stick to our morals.

But putting me in the same camp as someone who uses the term "feminazi" or says stupid things like "women can't get pregnant through rape" is, well, irritating.

Of course, there are quite a few other male writers with me. Guys like James Thurber, Jonathan Swift, Dave Berry, et al have all written now and then something that doesn't put females in a good light and so must obviously be women-haters.

I know this might put me further in that camp by saying this, but don't you think it's a little unfair that when women say something about a male it's labeled biting social commentary, but when a male says something along those lines about women they are misogynists?

In other words, when Barbara Jordan says men don't have the capacity for understanding or compassion  it was just an astute commentary on gender issues. However, when I say women freak out at a four-way stop, well, I'm one step away from being a wife-beater.

Finally, I need to point out that just about all of my blogs were inspired by females. That's right, I wrote these after hearing or reading some comment from a woman about a man or about relationships. A sort of point-counterpoint thing.

For example, when I wrote about dating tips (I cleverly labeled them as hunting tips) it was after I overheard a woman complain about older men dating younger women. However, this woman wouldn't take any effort on her own part to look (hunt) for a man. It was up to the male to make contact, set up the first date, etc. Ergo, I stressed how it's the guy looking for a date who decides who he will go out with.

The blog about how women are just as superficial as men? That's right, I overheard a woman complaining about how men don't give heavy women a second glance. However, most women seem to have no problem going out with an ugly guy as long as he has the bucks, and yet constantly make snide remarks about a man's looks--when he's driving an old car or wears cheap clothes.

And as for that driving blog? Sheesh, every woman seems to write/blog about men drivers at one time or another. I guess we guys should start using the term "Misandrist" now and then. Hmm, wonder why we don't see that more?

So I'm sorry if I made you mad because I said women were less than great at driving. I hope my blogs will inspire people to laugh, think a little and maybe even comment once in a while (really, there's a space below to leave comments. Go for it.)  I really don't want to make you mad.
HOWEVER...I am going to keep writing about men, women, sex, relationships, dating... Well, just about anything. 

 "Games without frontiers, war without tears" is a line from Peter Gabriel's song "Games without frontiers." It's basically about how childish some adults can be. Seemed appropriate when we're talking about relationships. Plus, I think Peter Gabriel is an inspirational singer and artist and had to work him into the conversation somehow.

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