Monday, March 3, 2014

Flying High

No, this blog isn't about Colorado's new marijuana law.  Although that would be a good one (although probably overdone). I'm just admitting that I'm behind in posting to this blog. I have a good reason though, I've been working on the release of my second eBook: Wings of Honor.
So, yes, instead of a blog about relationships or more on the front of The War Between Men and Women, I'm stooping to shameless self-promotion.

Do you like slasher flix? You know, the kind where there's a faceless, invincible killer out there hunting down young, semi-naked teenage girls and slicing them to little pieces of hamburger? Um, well, my book isn't about that. Sorry.
Slumber Party Massacre II

No, here's the description for Wings of Honor:
"A ruthless, crazed serial killer terrorizes North Carolina. He’s not killing teenagers with a grotesque butcher knife, but instead shooting down unarmed, helpless small planes over the blue Carolina skies while flying a replica of the "Red Baron's" triplane. If you want a fast-paced action/adventure novel about a battle between two men for the sake of honor, buy Wings of Honor and buckle up your seat belt for an action-packed flight."

When I first began writing the book, I have to admit it was at a time when slasher movies were all the rage. So I decided to use that to an advantage and make my mystery killer an unknown, unseen person who for some reason, is shooting down innocent, semi-nude teenagers who were flying planes. Okay, the pilots don't look like that, but I had to say that as that seems to be one of the reasons people go to those movies. To see semi-nude teenage girls in hopeless situations.
Oops, sorry. There I go again stooping to cheap methods to keep everyone interested and maybe enticed enough to buy a copy of Wings of Honor. You know, sex sells, etc.

There is a lot of sex in Wings of Honor. One of the main characters seems to be an over-sexed maniac who not only cheats on his wife, but cheats on his mistress. I used this character as a means to maybe start a discussion about what we view of as honor. He's the counter-point to another main character who is a straight-as-an-arrow type who loves his wife and would never think of cheating. So there are a number of interesting themes flying around in this book.

There's also a lot of conflict in Wings of Honor. There's the conflict between seat-of-the-pants pilots vs. by-the-book types. Conflict between the NTSB and FAA and FBI. And of course, the main confict of the battle between the killer and those tracking him down.
Because I didn't want to scare away non-pilots, I included a glossary with the book. It's in the back of the book and is called "The Pilot's Lounge."  Clever, eh?  So if you didn't know that runway numbers are based on magnetic heading, well, you should buy a copy of Wings of Honor so you can learn about important aviation terms like that.
So if you are looking for an action packed book with lots of twists, turns and high-flying antics, buy a copy of Wings of Honor
Sorry, sorry. Had to include one more sexy image. My publicist insisted.

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