Monday, June 8, 2015

Women Say the Darndest Things

When I wrote my blog about women drivers, feminists went into attack mode ranging from attacking me on Twitter to complaining to my boss. I made some generalizations about females, but...

We interrupt this blog for sports!

This is Coach J and although I hate to jump in here during this exciting and stimulating blog in which I am sure the writer is going to say something controversial in an attempt to make some people angry and garner more reader interest (he thinks), this is much more interesting and important.

 The Women's World Cup has begun!

The USA Women's National Soccer Team needs to reclaim their rightful place as the premier force in the world, and I believe this year they will do just that. Led by Abby Wambach and Megan Rapinoe, and bolstered by a great back-stopper in a Hope Solo this will be a team to be reckoned with.

They begin play in one of the toughest groups, the Group of Death, Group D. Here are the teams:

This is the USA's schedule:
A big controversy to keep an eye on are the fields themselves. For some odd reason FIFA has set all the games to be played on AstroTurf. A terrible surface for soccer and there is no way this would happen if they were men's teams. No, this probably isn't as big as giving the Men's World Cup to Qatar, but it's close.

So don't miss out on these exciting games. Tell your boss that Coach J has said it's the Patriotic thing to do to take time off to go watch the USA team at a nearby sports bar.
Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog already in progress. 

So although I know this might really inflame those crazy radical feminists once again, they can't deny the truth. Now, aren't you glad The Thurber Brigade got back on topic and didn't succumb to another sidestep about something like the latest police malfeasance?

(Okay, I love soccer. I've played, coached, reffed and even wrote a book about coaching. Next time, I'll really get back to the usual blog stuff. Really)

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