Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Déjà vu All Over Again

Orlando: Yet Another Thurber Brigade Sidestep
This is insane.  The Thurber Brigade began as a way to talk about the War Between Men and Women.  However, over the past four years when something disturbed my soul I’ve taken a sidestep to rant about it. Almost every month there is some incident that involves someone killing many people or killing them for crazy reasons.  The massacre in Orlando is just the latest.
If you don't want to believe that the 2nd Amendment was to placate slave owners fearful of slaves rising up and killing them and therefore wanting to have the government permission to have a group of armed citizens ready to react, even though this is the case, what (?), you have not studied history (?), you don't understand that back in those days they stopped all sorts of people from having guns, are you completely incoherent to the fear they had of slaves with weapons, even today people are scared to death of blacks with guns (aka Black Panthers, et al), have you forgotten that no one wants felons of any sort to have guns so some regulation appears to be okay, then surely you understand that The Founders wanted some regulation.
Whew, I had to get that out.

Some say that we can't get gun regulation because the GOP is owned by the NRA (an organization originally founded to improve Yankees' marksmanship). Well, this is obviously the case just judging by campaign contributions and vacations, excuse me, investigative junkets to exotic locales.  However, maybe there is something else.  Maybe they are secretly working for ISIS.

Note how they want suspected terrorists to only wait three days to get an assault weapon?  Did you also note that they want to ban women and children who are fleeing the terrorists?

Not only that, they do everything they can to assure suspected terrorists may buy any weapon or ammo they want.  Meanwhile they work to restrict voters from participating in a democratic process (election)?  Aren't these the same ideals ISIS would want?

Yes, suspicious.
Okay, maybe that is too far over the top (although how many times have you heard right-wingers use a Hitler reference about some liberal?).  Satire, guilt and blaming may not convince the GOP (yes, it’s really only them) to stop coddling killers and bowing to their overlords the NRA.  We have to keep trying though.  My hope is that these losers get voted out of office.  We may have to wait for that because somehow they keep getting people to vote against their economic and cultural interests and vote for them.  Let’s keep trying to change that though.  Lets keep trying to get common sense gun laws on the books.  Let’s keep trying.
James Thurber! (this is from his "The Last Flower")

**The Thurber Brigade apologizes for yet again veering off the road of The War Between Men and Women and assures everyone that it will return to the straight and narrow soon. Maybe. Well, you know from the above how likely there will be another. Sorry.

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