Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Will You Grow up!

 (Roughhousing that men really want)
 Remember when you were little your and your friends would come over? Invariably a wrestling match would break out.  
 It wasn't the result of anger or insult, but more likely from him hitting you in the shoulder, you retaliating and then the whole thing blossomed into a giant, roll on the floor, knock over the lamp, wrestle fest.  Usually ending when either you or he said "uncle."

This is normal male behavior.  It's as common as wanting the biggest piece of pie or wanting to be the captain of your pick-up baseball game.

Face it, men are just an aggressive, competitive species. Some say it’s due to our testosterone levels or some believe it's evolutionary.

This behavior doesn't end at childhood though. We carry it throughout our adult life.  You see it when males are together in bars, when they get together in board rooms, in congress, well, just about everywhere. Men just keep competing against each other.
 This isn't really a problem though, except that females hate this behavior in adult males. To them, this is "childish" behavior. They deem it this because they've seen it in men since childhood and equate it to that time.

As I brought up in a previous blog, women have been allowed to decide what is or isn't emotion and so have decided that men are not as emotional as themselves. This is also the case with adult behavior.  Women have been allowed to set the parameters of what is or isn't adult behavior.

So when you are at a sports bar with your bro, and suddenly elbow him in the side after you make the best comment of the day and he invariably elbows you back and lets you know that he is far more witty after those five beers. Well, according to the female species, you are acting like a child.

There are other examples of male behavior in which you can elicit females to roll their eyes and mutter under their breaths, "grow up." Things such as racing another male to the end of the block, arguing with your neighbor about something you don't really care about, you just want to argue, or insisting on going to that movie just because there are more explosions.

So these adult women who look down their grown up noses at us rowdy men prove that they are more mature how? Well, of course there's the gather their with their closest friends to drink tea.

Just like they did with Mrs. Beasley and Mittens when they were little girls. 

Or even more likely, put on a fashion show for their besties with the latest purchases from some super expensive shoppe (or boutique) just like they did with their mother's clothes when they were eight.

Basically, their adult behavior is just the very same things they did as children. 


It's just more acceptable because, we'll, it's less violent and of course, because they say so. Just like what emotions are okay, society has said they get to pick what is grown up.

So next time you're passing some outdoor cafe and see a gaggle of laughing females enjoying high tea and scones, roll your eyes, look disgustedly at them and say (loud enough for the whole place to hear) "why don't you little girls grow up?"

Maybe if this happens often enough, we can begin to even the playing field in a few decades.

(Men don't really mind when women dress up like this)

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  1. A little advice guys - do NOT take Jay's misguided advice about this!

    "Arguing with your neighbor about something you don't really care about" is not a 'dude thing', it's a 'douche thing'! Totally unattractive and unacceptable behaviour no matter which genders are involved.

    It's true that friendly competition, 'ribbing' each other, having a laugh or a conversation are all acceptable regardless of gender (no Jay, just bc it's a group of women laughing doesn't mean we should call them a 'gaggle') - but none of these behaviours are the same as "aggression", which seems to be the what Jay is hoping everyone will give the okay for. No Jay, it's not okay.


    1. Hey, thanks for your thoughts. Almost like an ironic argument. Anyway, so if I get in an argument with my neighbor about Pete Rose getting in the Baseball Hall of Fame, I'm a douche? (I gave up baseball after 1995). That's pretty aggressive on your part. And it looks like you are making my point as to who gets to decide what is grown up. You females will take us guys elbowing each other and talking trash as violent aggression and want to suppress it as you coyly imply in your comments. There's a big difference between violent behavior and aggressive behavior. I'm sorry rowdy guys in a bar offend you. We can't help it, we're naturally being "childish." ;-)

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